vegan dumplings recipe ig lol

hi, i uh, basically i eat this thing whenever i feel like it and it always turns out nice, this recipe is for 9 quite big dumplings, which is basically around 3 servings of 3 :3 although this is very filling

# ingredients

# making it

# filling

  1. grease your pan with olive oil
  2. put your sesame seeds and turmeric in it
  3. chop garlic and the yellow chilli pepper, mash them together
  4. put mashed up garlic and chilli pepper into the pan
  5. chop up the white part of the leek and put it into the pan
  6. grate the carrot and also put that into the pan
  7. wash and chop your spinach, put it into the pan
  8. take your tofu and crumble it with your hands, put it into the pan
  9. pour in your lemon juice and soya sauce on top of everything
  10. add a pinch of salt

cook everything til everything releases its juices and stops boiling in its own juices, doesnt mean the end result has to be dry, it just has to stop boiling, make sure to mix

# dough

  1. in a bowl pour in your flour, salt and pepper
  2. mix everything uup
  3. pour water slowly while mixing until it begins forming a dough
  4. begin kneading your dough til it becomes smooth ( might need to add more water or flour in this step )

the end result should leave you with a barely sticky dough which isnt too hard to form

# making dumplings

  1. get a plate ready and coat it in flour
  2. from the dough you have, form wrappers using your hands or tools
  3. fill it with filling and close up the wrapper

repeat this process til you run out of filling

# baking it

  1. take your dumplings and transfer them to an olive oil greased tray
  2. cook your dumplings in a 200 celsius temp until the wrappers begin setting up
  3. pull out your dumplings and let them sit til you proceed with other steps
  4. in a cup of water pour in a tablespoon of soya sauce and mix
  5. grease a pan and put your dumplings in it, put on the lid and let them cook for around 3 minutes
  6. after that pour in like 30 ml of the soya sauce and water into the pan and close the lid right after
  7. let it steam until it stops
  8. open the lid and unstick all dumplings from the bottom of the pan ( say sauce residue will make it stick probably )
  9. let it cook for 5-7 minutes
  10. place them on a plate

keep in mind that the cooking time depends on the size of the dumplings, keep an eye, smaller dumplings will require less time

# serving

i prefer to eat it with chilli sauce so i suggest you try it :)


# nutritional value