vegan dough balls in sauce

i made this recipe like a day ago when i had some leftover crushed tomatoes lol

no this isn't anything "healthy", but its quick and it makes me satisfied

# ingredients

don't treat this as exact or final, play around with whatever you want, i'm only saving this for myself mainly xD

# dough

  1. add paprika, ground pepper, salt, dry yeast ( or instead of adding it straight into your dough, add it to the warm oat milk / water first, and add it in the 3 rd step ), flour, cumin, and turmeric into a bowl
  2. mix it
  3. add water and / or oat milk until a dough is formed
  4. knead it with hands until you develop enough gluten and the dough seems uniform
  5. let it rest while you're making the sauce

# sauce

  1. add some olive oil into your pan on high heat, wait for it to be hot
  2. add in your finely-chopped onion and crushed garlic into the pan, cook until fragment and translucent
  3. add your basil and cook for around 1 minute
  4. add in your tomatoes, water, pepper, turmeric, soy sauce, and sugar, mix it and let it cook for 5 minutes while mixing it

# balls

  1. put the pan on low
  2. take your dough and split it into bite sized balls, add them into the sauce
  3. cover the pan and let it cook
  4. when you see the balls have cooked enough, mix it a little
  5. cook until the balls are fully cooked and the sauce has thickened so much it sticks to the balls

there's no specific time or method, but 10-15 minutes should be okay for this method

one other method i haven't tried is cooking the balls until golden brown and then mixing them with the sauce, could be interesting haha

enjoy your meal :)