# update

i have fixed it, everything is now behind a whitelist and shit, so yeah feel free to comment again :)

hello world

ari-web stuff seems to be currently being attacked by transphobes and so on, i currently locked and hoping this fixes shit for at least a bit, i hope, if you still want to show your opinion just email me at and we can talk

i am sorry, although i am not comfortable hosting such vile content ( i.e. transphobia, homophobia, racism, nazism, etc. ) on my platform nor am i capable of taking it nor physically nor mentally, i will not take harassment lightly in any shape or form and as much as i dont want it, if i need to, i will escalate this further than locking up comments for everyone, as of now i have idiocy archived, the old spam and current spam, i might just continue developing security measures for it, i will make sure its anonymous and shit as much as i can, i wont be a corporate asshole, but i dont want to take any transphobia, racism, etc. its not my job, my job here is to have fun and develop as a teenage developer, im only here to develop, not here to get harassed by either extremely idiotic 13 year olds or by deranged 20 year old pedophiles

i am once again sorry for locking this for everyone, but this is the only viable way to stop this flowing sea of harassment and pure asshole-yness, ill unlock it probably some day, but def not soon

cya, have a good day and dont be an asshole by harassing random people on their comment section :)