haha imagine, foss twitter

no seriously, its 'foss' now ... not rlly but still

ill be talking about the the-algorithm repo mainly, but this applies to both of those repos

as an open source developer, this is as useful as not seeing the source code lmao

both of those repos are nothing more than a corporate stunt, a joke, nothing better than a 'haha look were cool and hip now, now pls give us ur data uwu', its just another example to show that companies dont care about you and just are there to make money, you know like, the paperclip problem, basically 'if you train an AI to optimise for paperclip production it will get so efficient it will just turn the whole earth into a paperclip factory killing off all life', this is the same shit, but for companies, optimising for money, they dont care about anything moral, just immoral pieces of shit

twitter, just like nvidia, pushed a single commit with half a mil lines of code, no docs, barely a readme, no commit history, nothing, literally bare source code, nobody is going to read that and thats probably what twitter wants, they just want to seem 'hip, cool and one of the youngsters', you know, like that meme, its just annoying how companies do this

in my pov, twitter is doing this for the following reasons

these are only few reasons most likely, but even then it just shows how much of a cringeworthy corporate stunt this is, this is nothing more than another marketing scheme than to just shove their product deeper in yalls asses

companies are fucking weird, disgusting and generally bad, take discord, twitter, google, microsoft ( yes ik i use github but stfu ), amazon, alphabet, ... just name any company and youll find mountains of garbage about them

anyway, rant overish, this hopefully explains how cringeworthy this whole 'haha twitter foss' thing is, why me and many others are more than comfortable trolling abt it and before i go -- TELL MUSKY HUSKY TO ADD TINA

goodbye, dont be as stupid as twitter :)