omfg at this point i have to say something, its pissing me off how much transphobia is affecting me and other trans people recently, as a trans person, MTF, i get quite a lot of hate just from being trans, whether its online in trolling, bullying form or irl bullying, other forms discrimination and so on, i fucking hate how the world is currently, so let me talk about it

first up, let me define what transphobia is, transphobia is defined as follows :

Transphobia is a type of discrimination or prejudice against transgender or gender non-conforming individuals. It can take many forms, including verbal or physical abuse, exclusion from social or professional opportunities, or denial of basic human rights. Transphobia is based on a lack of understanding or acceptance of gender identity that does not conform to traditional binary notions of male and female. It can have serious negative effects on the mental health and well-being of trans individuals, leading to depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

but i call it 'the feeling that makes me feel shit at every moment of my life and any comments can set it off, although im too much of a pussy to say anything about it bc i am a useless anti-social idiot on top of that i get treated like dog shit except that at least gets picked up :)'

the current state of trans people as a group is bad, everything is going to shit and it seems like everyone is going after us for everything, ive met so many transphobes in the recent times and tbh im scared to say anything about it, like i want to, but i cant, my brain isnt letting me, im scared and i cant do anything about it, like tranphobes made me think that standing by my own points is bad and should not be done but instead you should suffer in silence and say nothing abt it, which is total fucking bullshit, i am so fucking done with all of this i cant, i want to be able to, but its just fucking impossible, my brain has that engraved and i hate it, i feel like a trapped rat in their prison of bigotism and discrimination, at this point if a person finds out im trans and they comment about it i feel the need to be sorry about my identity and say 'im sorry that im trans, you probably think im gross and shit, sorry' or something along the lines of that, it feels like we, as a group of people are being forced into some sort of modern hitler-esc ideology where the world is monogamous and anything else than that should be made extinct

none of this is pretty or good, i might say its 'fine' when youre being directly transphobic to my face but its really not and behind your back im not happy with any of what uve said or done, i use laughing ( even online ) to deflect tension, i hate it, why do yall feel like we have to fit into your fucking closed off box of little one-braincell ideology, fuck this shit and fuck you for doing all the shit you do to make our lives as painful as you can, your complaining about how its 'unnatural, gross, ungodly, bad, cringe, stupid, confusing' and etc. is so fucking annoying, we already are a very small group with very little rights and on top of that yall overpower us with like 2387678296789326% of the population going after us, like come fucking on, get a life and stop being a plain fucking asshole, im so sorry for using such stupid language but i am so fucking mad at so many people and theres nothing i can really do than complain about how shitty their behaviour is

one of the situations that triggered me to write this is mrbeast situation about the 'karl effect' or some shit, god i see transphobes cling onto that so much on the internet now, its painful to even watch, its gross, this is nothing than pure homophobia and transphobia

another situation is me actually facing anti-lgbt stuff both irl and online today, wont get into detail bc i dont want to

and what do u know, texas loves this shit too 'consistent to their biological gender' my ass, my brain hurts from the stupidity of transphobes, their hitler-like ideology, stupid fucking idiocy which keeps bothering me

this isnt just a US issue either, this is very relevant is every country and continent, for example, even in europe, which id consider fairly developed, this is a large issue, we still face issues with healthcare ( actually A LOT of issues ), employment, education, and housing, this is especially visible in like poland and hungary where its like built in lmao, lets not forget to mention my homeland of lithuania, being any type of lgbt anywhere outside capital city of vilnius is terrible, i face a lot of anti-lgbt comments, bullying ( to the point of physical harassment ) and so on, everywhere and anywhere i go, i even get spit on sometimes just bc i dont present ✨ typically male ✨, omfg, i hate this, but america, africa, australia, asia and so on also have the same issues, in america its right-wing individuals who are trying to shunt down transgender people all bc it doesnt fit into their conservative view of the world ( and so, they should be made extinct ), africa due to religious and cultural views on gender and sexuality, australia is progressing but trans people still have quite a lot to deal with both socially and access to services like healthcare and asia, once again about religious and cultural views

not that i find this funny, but its funny how close minded people are everywhere around the world, i mean yes, there are people who are truely open minded, but theres so many people calling themselves tolerant 'as long as i dont see them' or 'as long as its not my kids' or some shit, or freak out whenever a trans person comes out and they go attack them just bc, actually in my psychology class we had a similar test, basically like 99% of the class called themselves tolerant, including myself, then we were questioned and questioned 'would you accept this person if they were a part of [some minority]' and other questions, they were related to race, culture, religion, sexuality, gender, etc. and guess how many hands were left at the end out of 29 ... 2, fucking two, me and another classmate, omfg, i find this so fucking cringe and just terrible, how can you call yourself tolerant if you do this shit, my god

i also find some of the reasons funny, like 'its religion' or some shit, like alright, believe in what you want, but how does that give you the right to discriminate against and stuff other people ? how does that change the fact that youre transphobic and want people dead ? how does that change anything that youre doing, its still horrible and not acceptable, this applies to anything, ive heard people use the same excuse over and over and over again for all sorts of topics, including racism, homophobia, transphobia, abilism and fatphobia, which none of those are okay

anyway, concluding, transphobes fucking suck and everything about them is cringe, bad and theyre little pricks with no life, i hate how many people like that exist in all shapes and sizes, in all countries, all identities, cultures, races, continents, unions and so on, but i guess ill keep pretending 'its fine, you can be transphobic, yeah i totally dont care, im sorry for being so gross and bad in your eyes, ill try my best to not be trans :))'

take care .