today i was talking to people about trans stuff as i am trans myself, it all started by me talking to one of my friends about it bc she wanted to so yh, we did, and i thought it might be interesting to share

so, the topics will include :

keep in mind, i am no professional or anything, ill just be talking from my personal exp, other trans ppl i met exp and publically available statistics, and obv not talking for every trans person

so, i feel like its an undeniable fact that being trans isnt just roses, tulips, cakes with cherries on top and strawberry scented perfume, its a constant fight for your rights, questioning, discrimination, genocide and suicide

trans people are very suicidal, and do u rlly think its a coincidence, the statistics speak for themselves and its only proven by the fact that terms like transgender suicide exist, not only that, theres many other publically available statistics that just prove my fucking point, no matter how much i fucking say it, like worse healthcare and more addiction, mental illness, etc ( w : statistic from 2015 but i doubt much has changed ) i could go on and on about statistics, but these are just few things out of like a billion things why being trans sucks, which also should be enough proof for transphobes that being trans is in fact, not a choice

continuing the saga, being trans alone is literally close to fucking impossible, being individualistic is hard bc of discrimination, how the world treats you and so on, suicide rates are high as mentioned, meaning having someone is def needed, getting proper trans care is hard, waitlists are long ( 1-3 yrs from what ive searched ) even then its not guaranteed to be good healthcare, people wait for yrs to get it and people die in the process due to usually, well, mentioned suicide, even if u manage to wait it out, ull have to do it again, and again, and again, it never stops, the system is built to kill and torment trans people

i also feel like a 'diagnosis' for gender dysphoria is complete and utter bullshit, i mean why do i have to prove if im 'trans enough' to transition, do cis people have to prove theyre 'cis enough' to get hormones, for example cis men getting TRT, they can just go to their general practitioner and get it, but oh if a trans person needs it they have to go through multiple psychologists and psychiatrists, get on multiple large wait time waitlists, try to get a prescription, lie, face many troubles just to do the same thing cis people can get done in a couple of days lol, it feels like this is just an extra step and an excuse for trans genocide, this also enforces an idea of 'transgender = mental illness' bc you have to get a diagnosis to be 'medically' trans

in the mean time we can only continue fighting, expressing ourselves, protesting, talk to people, educate them, share our experiences, call out, poke fun and just show how ridiculous this transphobia rooted system is, how fucked up and deranged it is, hopefully more people understand it and accept it instead of being trans seen as a shameful thing people should be killed for, we, as trans people, have to work as a community if we want greater good for us ( current generation of trans people ) and future generations of trans people and thankfully we realised this way before and are working towards, so if youre trans or an ally, dont be quiet, educate, support, do something about it, dont stick to an individualistic mindset of 'what will this do to me, and only me specifically', think about what will it achieve for the whole community rather than you specifically

and for future generations of transgender people, you are 'trans enough' even if that exists

and as per my personal exp, its not good either, i mean its gotten better over the yrs and lithuania is moving forward, but its very far from perfect and its still a very anti-lgbt country which has a lot of room to improve, not even related to lgbt stuff, in general, lithuania is piss, online i still get quite a bit of transphobia and many people like to use the fact that im trans to make me look bad, which is extremely stupid, but oh well, what can u expect from transphobes right lmao,,

anyway, the final message id like to leave before going is : let go of your self-centered mindset and work towards the greater good of the entire transgender community, including yourself, dont remain in the shadows of ignorance, instead, raise your voice and fight for equal rights until we are all treated as human beings once again