the best temperature system -- degrees torture (t°)

So you know how everyone hates every temperature system? Why not make the most painful best one? I did it, I call it torture, its measurement unit is T, this the formula for it:

cos((((C + 273.15) + C + ((C * (9 / 5) + 32))) / 3) + π) + e

Where C is temperature in Celcius, in this system precision in floating points is VERY important because yes

Here's a python implementation of it:

import math

def t(c: int) -> float:
    return math.cos((((c + 273.15) + c + ((c * (9/5) + 32))) / 3) + math.pi) + math.e

Where argument c is temperature in Celcius, this function will give you the most accurate results it can in python, in this system you must specify at least 6 digits of precision

Some basic examples:

# How does this shit work?

It takes the average of most major temperature units -- Kelvin, Celcius and Fahrenheit, then it adds pi to it and consines the result, after that it adds e and boom we got degrees torture, fairly simple

Anyway, now enjoy this amazing system of temperature, if you get hotter than 3.0975306904597475 °T make sure to take a rest from this

Goodbye :)