stop trying to replace c++

C++ is not going anywhere, nor is PHP or any well-established language you might consider them "bad" or "unsafe" or whatever, but you trying to replace them is a ridiculous

There seems to be like 89198712 languages popping up every day claiming to replace C++, people trying to replace PHP has stopped so now we're in a C++ replacement war

Rust especially, it claims to replace C++, be better than C++, whatever, claims to even be faster than C++, when it's not, rust is much larger and slower

Carbon isn't any better either, it's another bloated language which claims to replace C++, it's just not happening, why do you have to do this, but can't say too much as I don't have much knowledge about carbon as of now, maybe it'll be at least better in a way that its community is not 99% narcissistic, toxic children and maybe it'll be a bit faster

So basically, C++ is not going anywhere, you won't replace it however much you try, I doubt even google will manage to replace it, but as google has a good reputation of maintaining and popularizing open source languages like dart and go, maybe it'll take off, but for now it just seems like a slightly and I mean slightly better rust

What next lol, but anyway, have a nice rest of your day and please don't create another language that claims to be faster than C++ and is a replacement for C++ while you're at it, cya :)