is going to be changed / transphobic, racist and nazi attack on

hello world,

due to some transphobic, racist and nazist assholes, will be changed to have more security and shit, i didnt want to do this, but i will add a filter, will add harder limiting and bans will become a serious thing, there was some asshole pretending to be me on which spammed the n word, chiristian and transphobic shit, nazi idiocy, misinterpretations and quotes from the bible and so on, troll faces, spam, etc.

the server will be changed with most likely has been changed these changes :

update : i crossed out the things that i didnt do, but i did update the server, now i am free to ban people bc i track the sha256 hash of peoples IPs

i really didnt want to become some corporate-like asshole, but i also cannot stand nazi, racist, etc. assholes attacking me in my own comments section, i will make the information i will be collecting wherever i can and the server will still be open source

thank you for understanding, old ( non malicious since #45 ) comments will be imported and the new racist and nazi ones and shit, i saved the nazi and shit comments

i am sorry for messing up and giving people the power of true free speech, i do not advocate for anything the asshole has said and will not make this mistake again, from now on i will be shutting everything down and will be closely moderating it, i am sorry i didnt see it sooner