self hosting progress & ari-web fedi ( akkoma instance )


currently the self-hosting roadmap is going slow, i have migrated email ( open reg at ), matrix ( semi-open reg at ), and also begun hosting fedi with zayd on ( you can sign up, although an email & review is required :) )

soon, i'll begin migration to self-hosted git from github, i don't know why i'm delaying this honestly, although i think that'll break stuff in regards to website hosting,, a 'netlify at home' sorta type of project is upcoming but i already have a lot lined up, i keep trying to prioritize it, but i always end up laying it off and then not doing anything about it lmao, although my main priority this month or so will be school - upcoming exams and projects mainly

also, a server upgrade is around the corner most likely, unsure if this month or next month, i'm having anxiety about everything this month so it's just a mess lol, anyway, server's running out of memory mainly, so guess we'll see how it all goes lmao, i'm tired

anyway, tldr, guess we'll see how my self-hosting journey goes, and i invite you to sign up for the ari-web fediverse instance at :)