billing documentation slightly improved docs are a bit unclear with its pricing docs, so here you go, some clearified docs:

# Before we start

This page is not complete, help the community by commenting the info that is missing and I will make sure to add it to this blog, thanks :)

# Limits (

[Hard limits] are limits you cannot exceed where as [Soft limits] are limits you can exceed

This is a list of such limits, this is the format: [hard/soft] what: limit (minimum (free plan))

The hard/soft is just how is it limited (explained above), what is the resource being limited, minimum is the minimum of the resource you get

# What happens once you exceed soft limits?

Nothing, if replit notices you're using a whole bunch of softly limited resources (e.g. bandwidth) you might get IP banned, although I'm not sure

# What happens once you exceed hard limits?

Once you exceed...

# Resources per namespace

What I mean by 'resources per namespace' is that what counts in the limit, like if I said '100GB/Account' it'd mean you get 100GB per whole account lifetime and per all REPLs, where as if I said '100GB/Month' it'd mean that you cannot go over 100GB of bandwidth a month on all REPLs, basically '100GB/Month/Account' (100GB per month per account)

# 24/7 Hosting

If you host any application 24/7 it won't upgrade your plan or charge you any extra, but if your REPL is not 'always up' you will have to use things like to keep them up, these services might cost, although does not

But beware, with replit there is no such thing as true 24/7, all REPLs reboot after 24 hours, so if your REPL is critical it's better to upgrade your plan

More on this see

# Resources and sources