omg pls stop

today i came back from school to see ddosed, the visitor count was dead and made HUGE, the server was laggy and in general being stupid, fuckton of errors, fuckton of anti-semitism ( im not even jewish ), transphobia, racism ( im white while ur calling me the n word bro ), etc,, its all so fucking stupid, do u rlly not have anything else to do besides ddos an api written by a 15 yr old, anyway, its all fixed now, the server was malfunctioning for say like from 2023/09/06 01:00 til 2023/09/06 10:00 GMT, so 9 hours, i am sorry it took me this long to notice that, but well, some people have to attend school lol

anyway, i dont get any of this lol, its so stupid, if i have to ill implement harder measures to limit people even more, until then if i see another attack like this i wont handle it gently lol, i am tired of this bullshit being thrown at me daily, i have a life, i have exams, i have tests and shit and if i have to i will shut down the server as a whole leaving the static part in

now please stfu with ur ddosing shit and let me read and do my hw, i couldve been doing that if i havent had to fix this lol

danke and fuck u for like the 3 rd time this yr lol, whoever u r anyway