notice : temporary shutdown of


notice the server has been shut down at 2023/10/30

update 2023/11/02 i will use contabo,

currently is hosted on linode and i pay 6.05 dollars ( w tax, 5 dollars wout tax ) for the following resources :

and i host it in germany, frankfurt to b more specific

and well, i think thts quite a bad deal, esp comparing to other providers, this is where comes in, i will get the 5.18 euro plan a month with these resources :

or maybe the 6.37 euro plan which has all the above with the following changes :

another option i considered was for 6 dollars a month with :

and i think even though its an upgrade, i chose hetzner for these reasons :

although ive heard hosthatch has following advantages :

and the shutdown of the server will happen anywhere from 2023/11/01 to 2023/11/03, the new server is expected to go up anywhere from 2023/11/17 to 2023/11/29, dont b surprised if some parts of ari-web ( most major being comments and visitor count ) go down and dont go up for a couple of weeks

enjoy the last few days of the old server til the new one comes up