netlify tos (terms of service) tldr

i hate how long toses are, so, lets take netlifys tos and shorten it a bit so you wouldnt get banned :)

also, this might not be 100% accurate, you can always reach me at or CaO if you find any inaccuracies, if you decide to let me know what is inaccurate please provide a quote where the information is inaccurate and where is the correct information (including another quote), all of my sources are linked in # sources

# general tl;dr

be reasonable and dont be scared to ask and you probably wont be violating any of these rules, dont forget to pay your bills and in the case you do try to pay them as fast as you can, if you cannot or you think it was a mistake, contact netlify or their support team

# tl;dr of the tos, sssa and privacy

# sources