my view on death

I find death an appealing and desirable thing personally, but now you will call be crazy, but hear me out

I see death as a peaceful world of darkness, peace, no screaming, no people, all alone, a world which you can shape, manipulate and imagine, you can make reality happen which you can't while being alive

A lot of people are irrationally scared of death, I don't like that view of death, I like to see it like a perfect world for me, I'm not going to be a bother to anyone when I die and I can be happy in my own reality when I die, no screaming, no people, basically all alone

A simple way to explain how I see death is a sandbox world, I die, I can go to another world and live a happy life myself, do everything from scratch, not bother anyone and be myself rather than current reality -- screaming, depression and general idiotism and all that for nothing

And before anything, don't blast me, I'm not encouraging it, but I see suicide as a shortcut to happy life which some people who life a bad life take, death is not a scary thing as a lot of people think, for me at least it's an amazing place to be yourself and not bother anyone, your reality, your world, your dimension

Anyway, this is all just my opinion so don't go on CaO and blast me about it lol

Goodbye :)