my enneagram type

TL;DR My enneagram type is 4

So I did this test:

And got these results:

Apperantly I'm type 4:

Fours are defined by their belief that they are different from other people, and by their feelings of envy for what others have. Fours have the sense that something is missing from their lives, and they worry that they will never have the happiness that other people experience.

At their core, Fours feel they are fundamentally flawed and will never be able to be truly understood by other people. At the same time, they passionately long for the type of deep connection that will make them feel whole and accepted. Many Fours romanticize and idealize their relationships, hoping that each new connection will be the one that finally makes them feel understood and appreciated.

Oof, I don't think I'm that different lol, but nice, I am type 4 :)