This blog talks about software modernism, not the art form, if you were expecting for me to talk about art, wrong blog

Modernism sucks.

The word these days doesn't even mean "using new technology" or something, it's just used as an excuse to be bloated, "Look guys, it's modern, it doesn't matter that my hello world in rust is 500 TB111!!11!!1!"

It's not only rust language that uses that excuse, it's many many more pieces of software and programming languages using "modern" as to indicate "I'm fucking bloated, don't use me"

I don't understand, why are people so obsessed with modernism, I mean if you want to have no space as in ram, drive usage and cpu go for it, make your system all "modern", "lightweight", "customisable" and "blazingly fast", we'll see how you'll enjoy your slow ass system and won't be actually able to do anything with it, or even if you have milions of dollars invested in your supercomputer, do you really want to waste space and resources on nothing, just because it screams "MODERNNNNNNNNNnnnnnNNNNNNNnNNNNNnnnNNNNnnnNNNNNNNN!11" at you, it's extremely sad where it's going, people screaming "modernism is the future", "your C won't survive" and shit is just cringe to hear, sadly can't do anything about it as there's less and less people willingly using C, C++, assembly and so called "old languages", even though they're much smaller anf faster

Let me take rust as an example again, rust claims to be modern, cool, whatever, we all understand and know that rust is bloated just from writting our first lines of code and coming out with a 400 KB binary when we only got an empty main(), then you look at its other claims, "just as fast as C", even though it clearly isn't and cannot be because of its poking of the program at runtime, the way it forces you to use crated for any minor thing isn't helping either, how you're fighting the compiler to do anything just makes you write large code, which in turn generates a bunch of code, which in turn makes your program slow, you're constantly in a fight with rust compiler if you want to do anything, constant bloat gathering, constant screaming at people how rust is great and modern, modern is just bloated, nothing good about modernism besides that we have more choices in which we can bloat up our programs

But modernism isn't all shit, modern algorithms are fast, modern art is nice, modern hardware is powerful, I'm just talking about software, software modernism is complete bullshit and you can't change my mind, it's all bad, there's nothing good about modern software, only things we might discover making modern software (example being fast inverse square root algorithm) are good, but software itself is trash

I really got nothing else to say about modernism without repeating myself, modernism sucks, software modernism sucks specifically, nothing good about it, only stuff we discover from it is good, but software itself is a slow, bloated, huge and heavy piece of garbage, stop using modernism as an excuse, thank you :)

Also, this blog will probably again be roasted by a couple of hundred of rust users on reddit or smt, I give 0 shits about your runtime, LLVM and speed, gonna say it's "modern" again? Lol..

Anyway, thanks for listening to another one of my rants, I just have this opinion on modernism, have a nice rest of your day :)