minimal software i made for linux systems

Hello world,

Sorry if I sound a bit dead, not in the best emotional state right now lmao, anyway, I'm going to introduce you to some minimal software I made for Linux and I personally use

# Baz plugin manager for GNU BASH

Baz is a lightweight, fast and efficient plugin manager, it's made in pure bash, although used to also include some C, C++ and assembler code, recently it has been removed and opted for built in GNU BASH features like readfile rather than baz-cat

I made this thing because all of the other plugin managers seem to be like 'ha fuck it, let me call every single program in the world and take 302489789s to load', that's not how I do it, I optimised the baz loader a lot and keep optimising it, it's getting faster and faster

This is quite a stable manager, have been using it since the first version and it didn't break even once

# Kos -- the simple SUID tool written in C++

Tired of how large sudo is? Or how stupid doas is? Well.. Try kos, it's smaller than doas and obviously sudo, much faster, doesn't use PAM, quite secure from what I see, has good compile-time customisation and generally is a good alternative to at least doas, it works for me, works for many other people so should work for you :)

I personally have been using it for quite a while and it's good, try it out if you feel like it :)

# Lmgr license manager

I find it so annoying to manually license every single one of my projects, I now use lmgr, I just got a bunch of license templates set up and it's easy, I'm happy I made it

# Mkproj project templater

Alongside lmgr, mkproj comes in handy, it's super annoying to me personally do things manually and if I want to make a project mkproj really helps lol

# Mkqemuvm -- the small QEMU wrapper

I usually don't change my QEMU vm options that often so I just made a script to help me make QEMU VMs easily:

# Pwdtools tools for passwords

pwdtools is another thing I quite often use, I use it to generate, store sometimes validate the security of passwords, it's nice, quite useful

This includes 2 password validators, password generator and a password manager, might add more :)

# Filetools tools for files

Although filetools isn't as useful to me, it's nice to get good info about certain files, like permissions, path info, owner, size, etc. super nice for development too

# Bdwmb -- the modular bar for DWM

The heading says it all, it's a simple, small and nice bar for DWM window manager, I use it, I like it lol

That's about it, although this is definably not all, just most major, I also run my own stuff on top of those so my system is basically just my software, anyway, hope I introduced you to some of my software somewhat, anyway, have a good day :)