me, an lgbt person + anti-lgbt family = no

The title speaks for itself tbh

Basically my classmate outted me at the start of this year's (2022) pride month and since then life has been even more shit than it already was

And also annoying thing that she didn't even out as trans, well you see my sexuality is straight as I like men, but my gender is a transgender woman and what my classmate did was out me as a 'gay man' which is just No, she even knows I'm transgender but like if she outted me why didn't she do it properly like it's good, but also bad, like my mother probably feels much worse about trans people if she's constantly bullying me for being a 'gay man', which I'm not

It keeps coming up and my mother keeps bullying me for it and it's a pain in the ass by double

If she outted me a transgender it would only be

Still a pain but not 2 issues I have to deal with lmao, the moral of the story is stop outting people lol and let me be omg