leaking my windows 11 home key

tldr -- the key is JNGYX-KDD9G-CKB93-8FBJ8-9TPR8 and im leaking it bc i dont use windows


i got a new lappy like 3 months ago and i installed linux right away, although it did come with [windows 11 home] i think, ( ref to https://www.telia.lt/prekes/kompiuteriai/nesiojami/asus-vivobook-m1605-16-ryz5-8gb-512gb, i got it there )

anyway, all that aside, today i fucked around with my /sys/firmware/efi/ and i thought 'what if the original key was stored in efivars or acpi tables' and well, it was

first thing i did was run this :

cd /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/
grep -rE '[A-HJ-NP-TV-Z2-9]{5}-[A-HJ-NP-TV-Z2-9]{5}-[A-HJ-NP-TV-Z2-9]{5}-[A-HJ-NP-TV-Z2-9]{5}'

which searched for all windows keys, and it found 1, and in the found file there was JNGYX-KDD9G-CKB93-8FBJ8-9TPR8, then to verify, i decided to check acpi tables :

su -c 'strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM`

and it gave me the same key, so well, i wanted to leak it initially anyway, meaning i am doing it now as i can, enjoy this, as well, i dont use windows and never plan to use windows, idk why laptops even come with windows smh

gbye :3

( pls consider not using windows and using linux or bsd instead, but if u wanna use windows 11 home, have my key, fuck paying for an os that spies on u lol )