i got outted by my classmate, on pride month, fun

What a bitch,

I hate her for it, she litterally told my fucking cousin that told her mother that told my mother, what the fuck

She's pretending to not talk to my cousin even though she does, what the fuck???

I can't with her lies, idiotic, stupid, just not good, like does she even understand what she did, does her fucking brain comprehend this???

I can't, why?? just why is she such an asshole

I'm never talking to that little fucking backstabber ever fucking again, I hate her

Does she now feel happier??? And like, she didn't even out me correctly, she said I'm gay (she reffers to being any kind of LGBT as "gay" or "lesbian") even though I'm trans

What the fuck, just what the fuck, what an asshole, she's also ignoring my fucking calls and messages now, ugh

Outting people is the most idiotic thing you could do, just what the fuck, not cool, fuck her.