i came out to my psychologist :')

:) fuck :)

today, like 5 hours ago, i came out to my psychologist, not eye to eye, but i gave her a piece of paper after i left and said something along the lines of

i have a piece of paper prepared for you, please dont read this while im in school, read this in like 10-30 minutes, the text inside is in english so you might have to translate it, goodbye <3

in lithuanian, obviously

the paper was a small quadratic piece of yellow paper, it was folded 6 times, on it was a heart because i like the way i draw hearts, it wasnt intentional, i just got bored in my lithuanian class, then the sides where you can see the content through are scribbled out, after unfolding it, in the 3rd quadrant you can see this exact text, like in english and shit :

i'm transgender

so now, the whole day im just stressed about it, i mean i kinda do want to undo it but im glad i got it over with so now im just confused what to feel, i dont know if i should be scared or happy, its fucking terrifying

ill see her next week, on monday like usual, well see what happens :') i might have to skip :') its been 5 hours since i handed that piece of paper to her and im still constantly thinking about it without stop, so ig ill just go do my group project ... alone

okay a bit of a rant, like in one of my classes were doing a group project, only me and kinda one other kid out of 6, fucking SIX people are doing any work, i mean i took the responsibility of preparing the presentation, but no, i have to do everything ig, like nobody did anything, its kinda annoying, but eh, i kinda also like working like this so idk, still, its a group project

anyway, thanks for listening to my insanity once again, goodbye <33