how i feel about rust being added to linux kernel version 5.20

If you didn't know already rust is being added to the Linux kernel on version 5.20 and you also probably know that I dislike rust so I feel bad for this

This makes no sense, why would you use such a bloated language in a kernel??? And will it depend on the rust compiler? Like I hope not, I'm not going to compile rust on my machine just to install gentoo Linux or something, just no, tf is wrong with the rusties, stop rewritting everything in rust, it's not going to make everything customisable, blazingly fast and lightweight, actually quite the opposite as rust produces big binaries compared to C and also it requires 500k crates for a simple ass program, it's just annoying how this is happening

This is another reason for you to switch to OpenBSD next year, that's what I'll do lol

Until I switch to OpenBSD I'm not updating from 5.16.7, no way I'm going to have rust built into my kernel

Anyway, thank you for listening to my opinion on this, cya in the next blog