history repeats

history repeats .

today, president election in russia finished, and the results were that putin got 87% of the votes ( 💀 )

yeah, right .

history repeats itself again, during the 1940 s march elections of lithuania ( i think that's the date ), following the USSR occupation of lithuania in june of 1939, lithuania was basically forced into the USSR by rigged election results,, lithuanians were forced to vote to be added into the USSR, hell, their passports were even stamped ( i even saw an in-real-life example ), it was an extreme act of scare tactics by russia, an uncommon logical fallacy used by the russian government, for like, the whole of history

the rigged results of that election ended with a 99.2% vote pro-USSR .

history once again repeats with the modern day hitler - putin ( p-word ), a psychopath who doesn't want to stop his unethical acts,, it's sad, stupid, and evil, and i hope this shit ends soon enough, because holy fuck this is such a shitshow - watching a couple of old, white men making millions suffer for nothing, for their own BDSM enjoyment or something, i guess

i've noticed that idiots with absolutely zero skills who have nothing better to do end up going to politics, i swear to god, why do we let idiots to control us, it feels like we're heading deeper and deeper into the realms of 1984 and animal farm by George Orwell every day, it's a scary thought that history might once again repeat itself in full - cold war, ww1 and ww2, hxtler and nazism, communism and propaganda, fascism, torture, etc etc etc,, why can't we learn from our mistakes as the human race ? have we been given a brain to do absolutely NOTHING with it ? - don't give idiot the way because the idiot will end up in politics, and then all of us will have to suffer, not the first time this mistake has been made

wars, too, literally those same idiots in control going to tussle with one another, and we have to suffer the consequences - if i had the power i'd commit french revolution 2 on all of those idiots who make so many innocent people suffer for nothing, and show the idiots who support their torture what damage they have done,, why don't we place someone with an actual working brain in power for once, someone who has the ability to think and learn, rather than continuing to make the same mistakes again and again and again and again and again and again and again ...

also, why do some people still not see how wrong all of this is ? did those people skip their history classes or something in high school ? even if yes, how haven't they heard of any of this, i can't, people are suck fucking brainlets

all of this is such child play, a literal bloody kindergarten - i'm angry and annoyed,, the second i turn 18, i hope my vote can make a difference to not elect another modern day hitler, and i hope by then people will be educated enough to understand that democracy is fragile and needs to be renewed daily, though i doubt much will change in 2 years if basically nothing has changed in 100