happy 3 rd bday, ari-web

happy 3 rd birthday ppl, thank you so much for staying w me for 3 yrs already, its crazy how fast time flies, thank you so much for giving me a platform to express myself and develop my open source profile

many things have changed since ive started this website, it all started from a simple blog and now im at the point where i have the infrastructure to automate blog posts, have comments and even think abt helping other people develop their blogs to change this blogless world into what it was back then, i love blogs sm lol

but anyway, i just wanted to thank all of u for still visiting my website, reading my content and ofc the people who send me articles abt how trans women arent women and that climate change is actually a hoax developed by nazis or some shit xDDD

although, 3 yrs in, from now on u can probably expect more changes :

thank u for watching me grow and bringing my website from measly rants into what it is today, i sincerely thank all of you for being the people who mightve not directly influenced the outcome, but were together with me, this means a lot to me

cya next time :)