happy 1000 days of ari-web

this was supposed to be posted on july 13 th of 2023, but i didnt have a computer then, anyway i just wanted to say thank you for staying with me for whole 1000 days and honestly 1000 days is quite a bit, although at this point its sad how little i work on this at this point, but its fun anyways, people visit this, see stuff, use it as a resource sometimes, i also get a place to express myself and write abt random shit some ppl might find interesting, helps me get though tough times and overall its a good time being here, writing, working on the website, building myself a home on the wide world of web

this whole thing brings me such big nostalgia, i see my first blog posts from original ari-web, i see myself grow, i am very thankful for all of you, thank you a lot for being with myself for a whole 1000 days !!