george orwell -- 1984

# warning : this post includes spoilers !!

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i just finished reading 1984 as i needed to pick a book to read for school and i already wanted to read it so yeah, i found a lithuanian translation and it was honestly extremely good

basically of a summery of my work

Throughout their diary entries, the reader provides a comprehensive and engaging account of their journey through "1984" by George Orwell. The reader discusses each chapter or section of the book that they have read, summarizing the events and themes covered and providing their own thoughts and insights.

The reader notes the pervasive and extreme methods of control used by the Party, including censorship, propaganda, and surveillance, which are designed to maintain complete obedience and conformity among the population. The reader also describes how Winston's character is subjected to torture, brainwashing, and degradation, leading to his ultimate subjugation and submission to the Party.

The reader expresses their admiration for the book's writing style, which they describe as engaging, well-crafted, and emotionally resonant. The reader notes that some parts of the story are difficult to read due to their disturbing and emotionally intense nature, but also acknowledges the book's ability to provoke strong emotional reactions and convey important messages about power, control, and individual freedom.

In addition, the reader provides an in-depth analysis of various themes and motifs in the book, such as the nature of truth, the power of language and thought, and the dangers of authoritarianism. The reader also reflects on their own experiences and emotions while reading the book, offering a personal and vulnerable perspective on the story.

In the end, the reader gives the book a rating of 11/10 and highly recommends it to others. The reader's diary entries are a thoughtful, nuanced, and comprehensive analysis of "1984" and its themes, while also conveying the emotional impact of the story on the reader.

basically, i found book very interesting, the beginning and middle were very fun to read, but the end was scary, basically, even though i didnt have much to say, i liked it, it showed how winston changes over time and stuff, how winston gets so brainwashed into submission by the party into loving big brother, how he falls into submission that 2 + 2 can be anything, how he and jualia betrayed one another and what at first seemed fluffy love with a cliche storyline, it ended in a heartbreaking stop to their relationship and then the death of winston with his brainwashed and crushed personality after a lot of torture and jailing

its a very engaging story with an interesting storyline, ive only read one good ( but not as good ) book, white shroud ( baltoji drobulė ) by antanas škėma, both had a very nice story line and i really enjoyed reading them, both of them showed strong emotion which i really liked, characters faced trouble in life but somehow managed and overall they were good books

while reading 1984 i made this blog post -- and 1984 was an inspiration for me even though i already used that term before ive read it, thats why 1984 still stands to this day, in the age where companies get a monopoly on peoples data and algorithms so good to keep u on there its like the party shoving u into its ideologistic system, which many people are brainwashed, like winston at the end, to not resist and follow their trails without saying a word

one of the most striking parts for me is how much impact totalitarianism makes to a human mind, winston was healthy and was correct, party should be overthrown and is not stable, it is an oppressive mess built on hate and discrimination, but then they turned him into a weak bag of bones which was easily forced into submission and their ideology, they turned him into a toy without any will or identity

to conclude, i think anyone interested in power, control, truth and individual freedom should read it, its a lovely and interesting book and i think a lot of people would enjoy it

have a nice day, hopefully i peaked your interest a bit :)