i feel cool, i reported a bug to [company] and got paid 100$

hello world,

i will redact the name of the [company]s name as i dont want people to go probe their product, anyway, the company is worth quite a bit ( in the multi milions ) fro what ive searched so that makes me feel even cooler

basically, im 15, i used to lie abt my age that im 16 but yeah, im 15, i found a bug in the [company]s product and i got a reply, we chatted for a short while and basically at the end i got this response


Thanks for your reply. Dev was aware of this issue, but fixing it wasn't a priority, yet. We've been growing so more and more people will try to find ways to misuse our service.

We don't have a bug bounty program, but our founder would like to give you $100 for your effort.

Do you have a PayPal account we can send that to?

Thanks again! [name]

which made me feel accomplished kinda, i mean i cant accept it as im 15 and yall already know how good, amazing, lovely, loving, non abusive, great, perfect, super my relationship is with my mother ( which is the only person which i can borrow a credit card from as i dont have my own ) and the devs already knew the issue so not like i can accept it anyway without feeling bad, so yeah, its fine

i just wanted to share bc this is one of those moments that made me feel accomplished in something lol, its nothing huge, i mean im happy i was able to report it and that they decided im worth 100 dollars lol, but yeah, just a cool thing i did and i dont think many 15 year olds have done it, anyway, i just responded with :

oh, woah, i feel accomplished,

im 15 so i cant rlly even have a paypal account, my mother and i dont have the best relationship either so i dont rlly even have an alternative, so yeah, its okay, devs were aware of it anyway

thanks for the offer a lot and this will def go into my memory book, thank you for making me a cool 15 yo developer lmfao

have a great day, [name], thank u for dealing with my informality, i hope i at least could help a little bit <3

so ye, a cool moment in my life ig, lovely

cya :)