Hello world,

I'm looking at bandwidth usage and it's quite interesting, a lot of my bandwidth comes from the legacy blog, as of this month currently, <legacy.blog.ari-web.xyz> uses up exactly 29.347826086956523% of the bandwidth

I might experiment more with the updated sites to see why that is the case, right now, the main blog will not have content blocking features, that is JavaScript blocking

I modified netlify.toml to have CSP of just as upgrade-insecure-requests rather than upgrade-insecure-requests; sandbox; script-src 'sha512-v'; object-src 'none';

We will see how this will affect the statistics for next month, and just to answer your question, no, I am not tracking individual users nor am I collecting any statistics, netlify only shows me the bandwidth and using some basic math I can calculate the okay accuracy statistics kinda, nothing too much, but stuff like avg. Visits for example

Anyway, if anyone is unhappy with this change you can just email me, leave an issue under the git repo or leave a comment in the users CaO

Anyway, thank you people for staying with me, hope ari-web continues to grow as both a personal portfolio and just a fun site :)

Have a nice rest of your day :D