doml #2 -- 2023/02/02

hello world

today was kinda cool, i literally wasnt at school and was just programming for 5 hours, although its not what you think it is, most likely

today i went to a programming olympic again, the country part, part 1, although i dont think ill go to the finale, reason being i got 35 / 300 points, ik it sounds horrible, because it is, its 11.(6) % but per average i feel like i did okay ig,,,, i mean, i got more points than another guy for sure, there were 4 of us, it was very hard, although ill try to do it at home today or whenever i have time, i still wanna see if im able to do it in peace, because in the environment i was working i was a bit scared because i wasnt even doing it in my own school lol, new people, teachers, although got to know a couple of guys in my programming club thing which was pretty nice, theyre nice

i think the programming stuff was fun, i mean it did hurt sitting there and staring at a computer screen for 5 hours, but eh, doesnt matter, at least i did very well in the first 2 parts, got max points, 2 nd almost max, but i fixed it after

so yeah, thats that part of the day, i only went to half of physics lol, thats all, didnt do anything else besides code after

now im home, i came back, im too tired to do much rn tbh, i really wanted to share what i did today, even though it isnt much for now at least, after this im probably going on a walk, maybe to my grandma, well see, so ye

have a nice day <3