discord is a pure shithole, shitcord

Discord is a pure shithole imho

I got many issues with both the discord client, web app and generally discord, first up, discord's interface is not customisable, it's shit, both discord client and the application are bloated, both are under "all rights reserved" licenses, meaning for people who want no proprietary stuff on their system installed (like me) this is complete and utter bullshit

But then you say "just make your own!", funny thing that you say that because I want to do that, but shitcord being the shittiest pedo-filled platform out there is just like HAHA fuck you! Out API is only for OUR shitcord purposes!

Discord is genuinely garbage, I wish I could use it like I use telegram, a much better platform, sadly shitcord will stay shitcord, not care about its users, will keep making much money and normies, being 99.5% of the world will continue using it, meaning I also have to use it, sadface

Even though probably nobody working at shitcord is reading my blog, just... Fuck this application, it's horrible. Fuck you, discord together with your "discord loves open source" lies.