comparing hosting providers for

update for : i will use contabo

all money will b presented in euro, if its in dollars, will b converted to euro

# scoring

the score is a number determining how good a service is for me, i assign arbitrary numbers to each point depending on my needs and quality of the provided feature, higher is better, negative doesnt mean horrible, treat it as an infinite range rather than a solid score out of n, higher is better

# providers that i considered

keep in mind, i looked into many ( and i mean MANY ) more providers, but if i saw its too expensive i didnt even bother

# hetzner

overall score : -1.4

# contabo

this section has been edited

overall score : -2.25

edited overall score : 0.55

# ovhcloud

overall score : -1

# alphavps

total score : 0.8

# netcup

total score : 0.9

# ssdnodes

total score : 1.86

# hostkey

total score : 0.92

# other possible options

# considering

well, before i considered hetzner, although now its out of my list, here is the things im considering from least likely to use to most likely to use :

  1. alphavps -- good ratio for the hardware and price, high performance, although low hardware compared to smt like contabo and false advertisement
  2. contabo -- very cheap, great prices, even though the reviews r nothing but horror stories i talked to a couple of ppl who have used contabo srsly before and i think thts the one ill go for
  3. hostkey -- good prices, good customer support, although frequent downtimes, although tht might as well b the same horror stories as w contabo
  4. netcup -- good prices, but, people have pointed out how sketchy it seems and their resources dont compare to contabo
  5. hostbrr -- extremely sketchy, but attractive prices, i will do anything to avoid this, but i saw positive reviews