bluey is an australian childrens series, and as most childrens series it targets mostly younger audience, although bluey somehow manages to transcend the age barrier and is entertaining for both younger and older age grps, a lot of the show is also very cute and nice, its very comforting to watch

a friend of mine watched the show before me, then he suggested to watch the show together, and i agreed, at the time both of us were on discord so we used tht to watch it, first day of watching we ended up in a 10 hour voice chat and the funny part is tht we didnt even finish s1 because of how much we were pausing it and commenting on it and stuff, for us to watch one episode took like 20 rather than 7 mins, well ofc w an error margin, but it took way longer than just watching it

i remember one day us watching bluey, or well, planing on watching it and it ended up w hair dye and messing around til midnight instead of watching bluey lmfao, it was funny how off-track it went, although we did squeeze some bluey in there

over the time we watched the show, probably a period of a couple of weeks to a month, idrr, but it was nice, every season we talked abt the seasons and opinions and i think my fav season is probably s2, thts where most stuff happens and its just nice

episodes such as 'magic xylophone', 'rug island', 'daddy robot' and 'dance mode' ( i believe thts the episode w the yes / no toy ) stood out to me as the cutest episodes, the friend i watched bluey w has a whole list of episodes he really liked and iirc rug island is one of his favs and i cant help but to agree w his opinion, very valid take, gifts u a brown marker wrapped in a leaf

i think bluey is also a great show for adults, some episodes explore deeper themes like miscarriage, like in the episode 'the show' iirc, the exploding balloon is a metaphor for a miscarriage, which was confirmed even by the creator of bluey, theres a bunch of theories and clues scattered all across the series, the episode of 'sleepytime' is also extremely notable, its soundtrack is great, the episode starts with an already pretty cute moment of chilli ( bingos and blueys mother ) saying 'i will always be here whenever u need me' to bingo, in response to to bingo saying 'i want to have a big girl sleep today and wake up in my own bed', i think the whole episode is a metaphor for maturity, character growth and responsibilities which come with growing older, then the episode shifts to a dreamland where bingo is transported into space, the episode shows a lot of elements of family and ofc goofy moments relating to them, for example when bingo and bluey, being in the same dreamland, are tormenting bandit, their father, thinking theyre walking on a planet, at the near end of bingos dream we get another metafor for maturity and growth when she loses her toy in saturns rings, showing how shes letting go of her childhood and proceeding to grow into a 'big girl', she shows sadness at first, then acceptance, followed by happiness, then shes transported near the sun, which is a representation of her mother, and bingo says -- 'i have to go now, i am a big girl now' which is so wholesome, the whole episode is great and it shows how both bingo and bluey are growing, they show the importance of growth and independence with age, now now theyre growing into 'big girls', if ur unsure abt watching bluey, id suggest watching sleepytime and deciding for urself

pretty much every episode is a game of sort and it always managed to delve into deeper themes under the surface of a simple childrens game, they explode themes like empathy and family, sentiments very important to talk abt, esp when ur growing up as a kid

each episode is like a lesson of sort teaching you abt life with cute moments, quality animation, acting and sound, bluey might not seem that interesting at first, but it grows on you very fast once u begin watching it, watching such show u find urself laughing, wondering or even holding back tears, if not shedding a couple

theres a lot i liked abt bluey -- storyline, sound track, animation quality, emotional voice acting ( keep in mind, done by kids ! ), even though its targeted at pre-schoolers, i found it very entertaining and honestly would watch it again if i had the time to do so, its a great show, and i hope the most recent leaks are correct and we will get a 20 minute special

bluey signifies tht kids shows are no longer purely for the realm for kids,, a great show is universal in its appeal and bluey is a great example which reflects that,, so now after all above, id suggest hop on the train and watch bluey to see what it has to offer

dont get traumatized by the intro

cya, hope u try out bluey