being lgbt in lithuania, my expierience

TL;DR It's not good lol

Lithuania is basically a much smaller russia, so it's extremely anti-lgbt

Basically, I have a lot of stories but this is one of them:

Today, I came back from home, my mother was making food and I went to my room,

My mother started screaming at me how I'm so loud being lgbt and that it's a small city and stuff and I don't understand but whatever and how my brother got bullied today at school that I'm lgbt

Then I got told that it's all my fault even though I don't think so, like, the bullying should be addressed, but not like I'm the fault for Lithuanians being anti-lgbt and bullying him

Like idk for sure, but also pretty sure that's covered by the LGBT stuff in Lithuania's law but idk

Then she kept screaming and screaming how she's going to kill herself if I don't turn "normal" and shit

Now she's just screaming how I'm ruining their lives because I'm lgbt even though the true source is homophobia, transphobia and all type of lgbt discrimination in Lithuania and Lithuania even though it's getting better it's still terrible and Lithuania is moving extremely, extremely slowly for making Lithuania a better place for LGBT people

Sucks lol, but also I don't think it's my fault for the bullying of my brother and that the bullies are anti-lgbt and also I don't think "I'm going to kill myself if you don't turn normal" is a good way of parenting lol and like she's a manipulative, abusive and ancoholic mother either way but like what the fuck

Anyway, sorry for this, I'm just like "what the fuck" and just had to share this, goodbye