-- new ari-web domain


i am here to announce the new domain name -- will stay up til january 11 th iirc of 2025 and so far is paid for til 2024/11/25 by my best friend casey, xD

# why

a long while ago i looked into but i can't recall why i didn't take it, i assume it was either asking me for id verification or i already had at the time, idk, but i didn't think much of it xD

well, not too long ago a person ( can't recall who ) pointed out that is still available, and i wanted it, but due to some stuff in family i couldn't get it, like i have the funds for it and all just that there's one wall standing against me lol

well, today i said fuck it, ill pay double and throw more money into the wall hoping it breaks down, i would've paid double for the domain, and my best friend found out and she bought it for me, that was honestly a night and a half lol, im shook til now,, i'm not used to this type of thing xD

but welp, in the year i have i will find a way to pay for it in the following years, but i think i might be able to as i'm going into freelancing soon[tm] ( i can't right now as i'm pretty sick ) and im turning 18 soon enough ( in a couple of years ) and in the mean time i might be able to convince the wall to open up my card or let me use theirs xD

so in the next couple of months, probably like a good 3-4 months, i will be migrating from to -- it looks better, is shorter, i am indeed ari and i am, in fact, lithuania ( !11!!11 ) should begin redirecting people to soon enough ( give it a couple of days ) and at the same time will go up

# following changes to ari-web

at the current stage there will be a lot of transitional periods in my life and on ari-web and it'll be apparent by possibly instability, missing features and unavailable resources

sorry for any downtime, dns and https weirdness, resources missing and stuff like that xD