ari-web apis: how to use them

Ari-web APIs recently have become public, meaning anyone can use them on anywhere, so, how should you use them properly?

# 1. Validate hashes

All APIs have hashes for validation, and APIs are much more expensive to call than just comparing two hashes

First up make an uncached request, cache the request, then make a request to get the calculated hash, cache it too

Next time only make a request to get the hash, if the hashes match, if they do, use the cached API response, if it does not match, get the updated data, cache it and so on

# Hashes

The hashes are sha256 sums of the APIs, here's all the APIs hashing system

This is already a standard in Ari-web, also if www subdomains don't work, try out removing www

# 2. Make as little requests as you can

This is kinda an extension of point 1, just don't make 10 requests to every API if you only need the sitelist.json once for example

# That's it

That's it, I got nothing else, this whole blog could have been just

Make as little and I mean AS LITTLE requests as possible to the APIs