"aš už tradicinę šeimą" movement in lithuania

I forgot that this "movement" existed but I remembered it as I was talking to a person about it and I just wanted to say few words about them

"Aš už tradicinę šeimą" ("I support traditional (straight) family") "movement" in Lithuania is some anti-lgbt "movement" in Lithuania to basically erase? delete? LGBT people, idfk what's their goal but still

That group thinks they're doing much difference and are acting very opressed because ??they're straight?? but in all reality they're just a cringe group of facebook karens who think LGBT people are ruining Lithuania as LGBT people are making some progress in getting more rights in Lithuania

My mother is a part of this "movement" so to say, it's extremely cringe, she's not going to protests and shit but she's still doing cringe ass shit on facebook and stuff, talking shit about gay people IRL too

They're calling being LGBT "stealing of kids" as apperantly being LGBT makes you infertile or something and even then if we don't involve LGBT people they're saying that norwegians are stealing kids as it's a happier place or smt

In Lithuania gay marriage is still illegal as family is defined the same in constitution

Article 38 of the Lithuanian constitution defines family as the unity between man a woman, both parents have the same rights and their right and duty is to educate, nurture good Lithuanians, the kids' duty is to respect and care for their parents and preserve their legacy:

Šeima yra visuomenės ir valstybės pagrindas. Valstybė saugo ir globoja šeimą, motinystę, tėvystę ir vaikystę. Santuoka sudaroma laisvu vyro ir moters sutarimu. Valstybė registruoja santuoką, gimimą ir mirtį. Valstybė pripažįsta ir bažnytinę santuokos registraciją. Sutuoktinių teisės šeimoje lygios. Tėvų teisė ir pareiga – auklėti savo vaikus dorais žmonėmis ir ištikimais piliečiais, iki pilnametystės juos išlaikyti. Vaikų pareiga – gerbti tėvus, globoti juos senatvėje ir tausoti jų palikimą.

Basically meaning gay marriage is not accepted as valid neither legally nor biblically in Lithuania until.. well it changes

Even though a lot of time has passed since the only family is straight and there are many lgbt families in Lithuania in some way but Lithuania is still sticking to old definition of family and not going to change any time soon probably which is disapointing

This brings me to think, if they're complaining so much about immigration so much why don't they make Lithuania a better place to live? Wouldn't they make LGBT people more accepted, even though this would save not a huge ammount of people but it'd probably still be something at least I guess, why don't we first climb the human rights ranking and then expect some results instead of screaming how people are immigrating to other counties like Norway and say "They're stealing children from Lithuania", first make those children feel accepted in the country, then complain.

Anyway, quite disapointing how "movements" such as this exist and then complain about how Lithuania is shrinking, goddamn, why did I have to be born in Lithuania lmao, but at least better than some other countries ig?