hello ppl

basically, i just realised i never told this story on this blog and i dont mind sharing this

basically, my whole life i have had a ghost who spends its time on top of closets watching me, i see it to this day, i never hear it but maybe i feel it sometimes, it feels cold, but idk, basically a watcher, nothing scary, i got used to it, i dont believe in ghosts, but i see it lol, im only describing it as a 'ghost' all because theres no better word, 'entity' sounds too rude and mystic lol

now, today, an odd thing happened, some invisible cat jumped onto my bed while i was sitting in it, went behind me and fell asleep behind me, its back pushing into me, it was weird, so idk, i didnt move bc i didnt want to wake it up, half an hour passed and my back begun hurting ( bc back issues ), so i shooed the cat away and it worked, didnt think much of it, but then it came back, i was laying and the cat jumped up again, came up next to me and started rubbing into my legs, i wanted to be left alone and i shooed it away again, it worked, but then i thought 'why does shooing away work if it doesnt exist' and i still dk

anyway, as of writing this i saw the cats eyes -- they were bright ( like LEDs ), long and blue, it blinked at me 2 times i think, bc i saw it 2 times, it flashed ( ? ) like blink ? besides that i cant see the cat

the closet ghost as of now is curled up into a ball on my closet and laying, but its black and long, it usually stares at me, i forgot how its eyes are as i dont pay much attention to it these days, sometimes i feel overpowered by it, it feels like the whole wall( s ) and / or ceiling becomes the ghost, idk, its weird, but its main base is on top of a closet, as of now its on top of a closet in my room, it always is a closet -- i moved 2 times

also, once when i didnt sleep ( and i think this was purely bc i didnt sleep ) i saw UFOs and had a panic attack, i heard shit, saw shit, i saw a whole ass alien ship outside not too far from my house, idk what i was thinking, but lol, i cant say much about it as i dont remember it myself really, i only remember the basic stuff ho i panicked and stuff

anyway, ik this sounds bad, but i promise, i dont have schizophrenia, i looked up some basic symptoms and i only show 2 of them -- antisocial behaviour and seeing shit and one of them can be explained by my anxiety and aspergers diagnoses

cya next time :) next blog post will probably be DOML, well see tho